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Your Next Generation VPS

Current Server Locations: Frankfurt, Germany

AMD Ryzen Threadripper™
2990WX Processor

The First 32-core Processor and the World’s Most Powerful Desktop Processor. Ideal for Applications like Jarvee & Co.

  • Up to 4.2GHz CPU Speed
  • 32 cores and 64 threads for lightning-fast creative workloads.
  • 80MB of combined cache for rapid access to large data sets.

Our Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS)

The Speed of a VPS and the Power of a Dedicated Server


AMD Ryzen Threadripper™ Processors

The base clock is set at 3GHz and the max boost at 4.2GHz, this is the maximum frequency achievable by a single core on the processor running a bursty single-threaded workload.


Blazing Fast Disc Drives for most efficient storage

A solid-state drive (SSD) using flash memory. We use SSDs only from high-quality suppliers to provide cutting edge performance and high IOPS rates.


High Speed Memory for demading software

Double Data Rate 4 Synchronous Dynamic Random-Access Memory, officially abbreviated as DDR4 SDRAM, is random-access memory with a high bandwidth.


Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard

Our servers already include a licenced version of Windows Server 2019 and all the latest updates to run your server as smooth as possible.

1 Gbit/s

High Speed Internet Connection with minimum PING times

Our servers are connected to the internet through a 1 Gbit/s (up & down) unlimited connection and will never be the bottleneck for your activities.


Server Locations are in Germany in the heart of Europe

The data-centers all have Redundant Power Supply, Redundant Internet Connection and Redundant Cooling. Uptime guaranteed.


Windows Server
2019 Included

Fully licenced Microsoft Windows Server 2019
Standard Edition Included with your VDS

Our Customers reviews

Learn what makes Proxy.Doctor experience special and why we have received multiple positive reviews for our services and customer support.

"Absolutely love my VDS server by Proxy.Doctor, their support and service is extraordinary. Support gets back to you and assist with any and all queries, no matter how big or small. I would recommend these servers to anyone looking for a budget VPS."
Social Media Marketer
"I recommend, Proxy.Doctor servers. At first I was thinking if I should go with a VPS or not, due to the amount of people saying it was a scam or that stuff like bandwidth and etc were not really unlimited or CPU / RAM were shared, but I risked and I can say that all the specs they advertise are true. Fully dedicated and no sharing resources!"
IT Enthusiast
"Firstly I was skeptical because it was super-cheap in comparison to what I had payed at other providers. Now I know that the decision was correct, as the increased capabilities also helped with smoothly running my automation apps. I definitely recommend it as an ideal solution for anyone who needs an already optimized VPS for their JV or MP ;)."
Agency Owner

Limited Servers Available

Please be aware that we have limited server slots available and will try to add more as soon as we can offer you our unbeatable prices and high quality VDS servers.

Our Virtual Dedicated Servers bring together all the advantages of a Dedicated Server and a VPS. Thus, it can be considered as a hybrid between a VPS and a Dedicated Server. An upgraded VPS!

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