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Real physical SIM cards

We offer real physical SIM cards with Austrian, European phone numbers (country code +43). Ideal for social media registrations. Even better if combined with an Austrian 4G+ Mobile  Proxy. Check out our 4G+ Austrian Proxies here.

Free International Shipping

We ship the SIM cards anywhere in the world, with registered priority mail. Shipping time from Austria is estimated at 3-9 days. As a bonus we are offering free shipping currently.

SIM Registration App included

Once you receive your SIM cards you will register and activate them, with your personal details,  through an app (available for Android and iOS). Registration is required within the EU and thus makes these SIMs very valuable.

Our Customers

"... used the SIM cards to add phone numbers to my IG accounts. Received the registration code within minutes. The activation app takes a photo of your passport and takes your personal details. Very professional!"
Marketing Director
"I tried their Trial-Pack first to see if these cards worked in my country (Netherlands). I order a bunch and also it is great because you activate the cards only when you need them."
Agency Owner
"I also use the austrian 4G proxies from Proxy.Doctor so I was very happy to see that they are also offering austrian SIM phone numbers. This makes my social media accounts even more authentic. A1 rating!"

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Yes, as long as they work with physical SIM cards. It should be a carrier unlocked phone, since the SIM card is new and from a different carrier than your phone. You can also use a standard cell phone, it is not necessary to use a smart phone to receive text messages (SMS).

They are sold for the purpose of receiving text messages (SMS) from social media websites (e.g. Instagram – Phone Verifications), but they will work with most other registration processes. We do not sell them for making calls, sending messages or mobile internet access.

They will be activated by you and will thereafter stay active for 12 months. You can extend their  use by topping up a minimum amount every  12 months.

You will receive a registration/activation app with your SIM cards (android/iOS). It’s quick, easy and will get you to register fast using nothing but your mobile phone. As long as you’ve got your personal details and a form of identification (e.g. Passport).

This will make the fresh SIM card only accessible by you and is a necessary process in most EU countries. This is also the reason these SIM cards have such a high trust-score with social media platforms.

After the official registration process, these SIM cards are legally your property and you are fully liable for their use.

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Proxy.Doctor SIMs are a part of the Proxy.Doctor Group of services offering real physical SIM cards from Austria, Europe. Including free international shipping and a personal registration app.

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