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As a valued member of the Proxy.Doctor platform you have access to more than just your own 4G+ Mobile Proxies and their management. We offer many benefits, including an affiliate program, automation training and an ever expanding members only area. These are bonuses and are there to add value to your membership.

You will receive your login details after you sign up and can always change your password in your members area.

You can always use this link to login: Proxy.Doctor/My-Account

You have full control over all your proxies and can cancle, change or add your payments at anytime.

You can see when payments are due and download your invoices.

Yes, we do.

Our Affiliate Program is all about the relationships forged between people. The relationship between the customer (your contacts/friends) and the affiliate (you) needs the same foundation … as the relationship between the merchant (us) and the affiliate (you): solid trust, fair terms, and transparency.

Transparency isn’t just a suggestion, by the way. It’s a legal requirement.

Basically there are three parties involved:

  1. The customer (your contacts/friends))
  2. The affiliate (you the promoter)
  3. The merchant (we at Proxy.Doctor)

    Here’s an excellent visual overview of the cycle of sales in our affiliate program:

First, you start using the product that you want to promote (one of our proxies). Then, we agree upon a given commission rate (a percentage) that you will earn after a sale. You can then promote our proxies to your audience, using a special link to track your sales and referrals. After the transaction completes, you receive your commission ($$).

Wash, rinse, and repeat for the affiliate sales cycle.

The commission rate for our proxies varies. They progressively increase 🙂 Through the Proxy.Doctor affiliate program, you can earn up to $17 for every proxy, monthly recurring lifetime commissions with payouts sent on a monthly basis.

You can apply to be a Proxy.Doctor Affiliate in your Members Area.


We offer 48-Hour Trials for Personal Use and 5-Day Trials for Agencies

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