How to Connect your 4G Mobile Proxy


Logging into any platform or social media site will expose your local IP address to them, which is absolutely fine.  But when you have multiple accounts on the same social network, this may become an issue and put your accounts at risk.
To address this potential problem, you can assign proxies to those accounts, so that instead of using your local IP address, the accounts would login and use their own proxy IP address.  As a result, it makes the accounts look like they logged in from a different IP address, location or device.

Where do I add my 4G proxy?

That depends on the platform or app that you want to use it for. In most cases your will need to enter at least two things to get a proxy up and running.

  • IP Address – this is the PROXY IP and it connects you to the internet through the provided proxy server, like a relay.
  • Port Number – this is the PORT and is a random 5 digit number.
  • PROXY IP:PORT – this is the format of most proxies and will need to to be entered in your app (e.g.

Now let us look at one of the most commonly used apps and how to add your proxy to it.

JV step-by-step guide

To start adding your proxies, simply find the  Proxy Manager in your JV app.
Below are 8 steps and 8 screenshots, please follow them carefully to add your proxies.

1. There are 2 ways to add a proxy, you can either import or manually add each proxy.

2. To manually add a proxy, click on the ‘Add Proxy button

3. You will then see empty boxes under the headers ‘Proxy IP:Port, Proxy Username and Proxy Pass’. You will need to fill it up with your proxy credentials

  • Proxy IP:Port – this is where you input your proxy IP and port; it should be in the format as indicated in the header (e.g.
  • Proxy Username (optional) – some proxy providers let you connect to their server via username and password authentication, we do not support this for security reasons and you can leave this blank.
  • Proxy Pass (optional) – this is the box where you need to add the password for the proxy so you can establish and authenticate the proxy connection.

There is no need to add the proxy username and password. You just have to add the Proxy IP:Port and leave the username and password box empty.

NOTE: In the field ‘Url to use to verify the proxies‘ enter the website you use the most e.g.

4. After you’ve added the necessary proxy details, click on the ‘Verify Proxy‘ link which is found under the Actions header. This will briefly connect to the ‘Url to use to verify the proxies‘ e.g. and check if it connects correctly (you can click on the ‘Verify Proxy‘ link a few times to get multiple results)

5. Under the Status header, you will see if the proxy was able to get a Valid connection or if there was a Proxy Error.

Should you get a Proxy Error, confirm that you’ve entered the correct proxy information in the Proxy IP:Port box again, and then try again. Also check that you are online and have a stable internet connection.  Also check the ‘Url to use to verify the proxies‘ e.g. if you have entered the URL correctly.

6. If you get a Valid status for the proxy after verifying, you may then proceed in assigning the proxy to an account by clicking the drop-down box found under the Social Profiles header, select the account and click the ‘Add’ button.

7. After you have added the account to the proxy, this will assign that proxy to the account and you can go to the Social Profiles tab and verify the account there.

8. Additional options:

  • Keep accounts valid when changing the account proxy – check this option if you want the status of the account to stay VALID when changing proxies
  • Do not allow accounts to run without any proxy (works only for IG) – If this option is checked, your IG account won’t be able to do any actions if there is no proxy linked to that account.

4G Mobile Proxy Tips

If you’re serious about your accounts we do NOT recommend getting cheap proxies. They are really important and they need to work long term. Some cheap providers can sell the same private proxies to multiple people or have them on slow hardware and all this will hurt your accounts in the end.

Whatever you do though, NEVER use free proxies on your accounts. Those proxies are extremely bad, you never know who else used them and for what purpose and could ruin your accounts permanently.

You can use our proxies on multiple social platforms with no problems, it’s actually a very good idea to cut on costs and not create problems. So you can easily use 1 proxy for 1 Facebook, 1 Twitter, 1 Pinterest, 1 Tumblr, and 1 LinkedIn

Don’t use too many accounts on one proxy, each platform has a different limit on this, on Facebook 3-4 per proxy should be fine, on Twitter, up to 10, Pinterest 5 accounts. This is if you absolutely have to reduce some costs. If you can, ideally always use 1 account per proxy, that will hide your footprints the best.

For Instagram, using the home IP on your account is fine. You can have a maximum of 2-3 accounts on your home IP and see how it goes. In excess, you may need to start using a reliable residential or 4G mobile proxy on the accounts. We don’t recommend using more than 2 accounts per social network per one IP address or one proxy. Of course, one IP/proxy per account is ideal, but you should be safe with 2 accounts.

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