Why are 4G Proxies so expensive?

4G+ Mobile Proxies by Proxy.Doctor are not actually that expensive compared to the rest of the industry. But you do need to understand that 4G proxies are not comparable to other type of proxies out there. Most other proxy types are simple iPv6 or iPv4 proxies, usually cheap data-center connections and not high-quality mobile network connections through actual cell towers and thus undetectable.

That depends on the platform or app that you want to use it for. In most cases you will start with one and connect your first social media account to it and test the results (follow limits, like limits, DM limits etc.)

If you are running or managing a certain strategy, you will already know that your main accounts should all be connecting through  a 4G proxy. It is important to understand that all accounts that are  connecting through the same proxy connection will be linked in some way. This is not always a disadvantage and can work over time. But if you are managing accounts for clients, you should always keep them separarte and only connect one per 4G proxy.

The simplest way to understand 4G proxies, is to understand that they are like connecting with one phone and one mobile SIM card connection to a social media platform (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.). This is the best and most natural way to operate a social media account, because that is how over 80% of users on these platforms do it.

But if any of these social media platforms become suspicious and start automatically challenging your account, you will notice. This is when you will need to start verifying and proving to them that you are a real person with not more than a few accounts. If you you do not, they will start restricting your account and finally permanently ban you from their platforms.

So before that happens, and it will to most beginners, you should appear as natural as possible and know the rules of the game. First rule, connect through a real 4G+ Mobile connection. Anything else can apear suspicious to them. So let’s stay under their radar for now.

Yes, you can. But how?

Any serious proxy provider will never give away this knowledge and the know-how they have acquired during their trials and errors. It takes time and money to learn how to build a stable and fully functioning proxy network, there are no university classes that will teach you this and even Youtube-University is full of time wasting promises. Any 4G proxy out there that seems to be too cheap and under priced … is just that and too good to be true.

Fact is, that anyone who hasn’t given up in the process of learning how to build these systems – has no more patience or energy left to explane the many important details of a proxy network, to anyone. And let’s be honest, the cost alone involved in making y 4G proxy is hopefully clear as day. You will need an unlimited monthly data-plan (anywhere between 20-60 USD per month), fresh SIM cards (not just one), hardware that will run 24 hours, programing skills (that alone will melt your brain), the right software (which is not openly sold on Amazon), server know-how and cost and a backup, because something always breaks down. And those are just a few of the needed  components. Let us save you some time and money … no you cannot just connect your mobile phone to your PC or Laptop and call it a 4G mobile proxy 🙂 There is more to it.

Here just one tip on what to look for in a 4G proxy and how to uncover some of those wannabe 4G proxy providers out there: OS-Fingerprint Exposed


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