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As we all know: ‘Sharing is Caring’
We at Proxy.Doctor believe in sharing the knowledge we accumulated over the past years. We actively research and are genuinely interested in the world of mobile proxies, and once we find a way to solve, circumvent or聽 reinvent an issue … we are happy to share our discoveries with anyone also into this ‘cat & mouse’ topic.

4G+ ProxieS : First Steps

New to 4G+ Mobile Proxies? Or just want to know how to use them efficiently?
We have put together an easy to follow Getting-Started-Guide for you below.聽

1. Buying

First of all make sure
you read this article about 4G Proxy prices!


Before buying and using a new 4G Mobile Proxy, always get a trial DO THIS!


After your trials it's time to go to work and document your journey . START HERE!

How to Connect your 4G Mobile Proxy

Logging into any platform or social media site will expose your local IP address to them, which is absolutely fine. But when you have multiple accounts on the same social network, this may become an issue and put your accounts at risk. To address this potential problem, you can assign proxies to those accounts, so that instead of using your local IP address, the accounts would login and use their own proxy IP address. As a result, it makes the accounts look like they logged in from a different IP address, location or device.

Proxy for your Browser made easy

We all use some popular browser. However, some users need the ability to change their IP address and get access to blocked resources, etc. The Proxy SwitchyOmega extension is designed specifically for Chrome & Firefox, which optimizes the use of proxies within the browser. In this article, you will learn how to configure and work effectively with this extension.

Why are 4G proxies so expensive?

4G+ Mobile Proxies are expensive
4G+ Mobile Proxies are expensive and hard to find. They are complicated to configure and tricky to use. You can鈥檛 just trust any 4G mobile proxy provider, they might be sharing your connection or/and your data with someone else. BUT, there is light at the end of the tunnle and we are here to explore your options and shed light on some of the myths of 4G proxies.

Warming-up Accounts Correctly

Once you successfully logged in and verified your account, it is time to properly warm it up. Warming up an account is an essential, practically obligatory procedure to perform in order to increase your chances on the longevity of the account. This exact procedure may help to avoid some of the security screens like phone or email verifications. Nevertheless, we are sharing our practical experience, please note, that all of the settings shared here are merely suggestions to increase your safety and reduce the potential risks associated with adding brand new accounts.

Instagram ads VS organic growth

Marketing a brand with its own resources or paying for external advertisements to grow, that is the question here. It involves things like producing relatable and interesting content, using social media platforms and optimising content to drive the most traffic.


We offer 48-Hour Trials for Personal Use and 5-Day Trials for Agencies

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